To help companies, organizations and health professionals to manage health of their employees, customers or patients we developed the following products:

iDEM (internet Disease Education and Management) is the first in Japan online system for the remote management of diabetes patients clinically validated as equivalent to in-hospital-visits.
We developed and validated the system in collaboration with the medical team of Kanto Rosai Hospital.
The system currently available as online service can be adapted for the specific needs of the client, at a clinical care level or for preventive health monitoring and management of life style related diseases.

Translator of Blood Test Results is an innovative algorithm allowing an immediate feedback on individual life style diseases incidence (patent pending).
With the reference to the general population health database the algorithm calculates 3 scores of lifestyle related disease likelihood for the three of the essential health dimensions: energy intake, nutritional quality and physical activity.
This tool can be used for the individual feedback or for the management of population of employees, members or customers.
The API of the algorithm is currently available for Japanese population, and can be adapted for other populations.